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We advise individual tax clients in taking all eligible tax deductions in order to lessen their tax burden. Individual tax services that we provide are as follows:

Tax Preparation: The process begins with a personal interview to gather the necessary information to prepare an accurate return. The tax return is prepared and reviewed for accuracy and tax saving opportunities. Once completed generally the client is called to discuss and if necessary review the final return.

Tax Organizers: Tax Organizers are available free of charge and we encourage their use. The Organizers have questionnaires that are frequently helpful in uncovering tax saving opportunities.

IRS Representation: If you have received a notice from the IRS for a prior year's tax liabilitity, please contact us to analyze your situation and discuss an alternative for resolving the issue. We have access to an IRS Hot-Line, which has been helpful in cutting through red tape and resolving tax issues more timely. We have experience with lowering tax liabilities through the use of Offers in Compromise.

Tax Planning: We are available year round to offer guidance to keep your tax obligations to a minimum. Changes in your income or deductions during the year may require an evaluation. Estimated tax payments or withholding can be adjusted accordingly.

Electronic Filing: We offer E-Filing for both Federal & State tax returns at no additional cost. This process can speed the refund to about 10 days

Retirement Planning: There is a wide array of retirement plan options and we can offer suggestions as to what product might best serve your needs. We have several relationships with investment advisors outside the firm to help with various investment alternatives.

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